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Young Man in Therapy

Teen Therapy

Be heard and learn skills to deal with emotions safely.

My goal here is to give teens the support, insight and skills they need to share and explore themselves and help them manage feelings safely.

Details that teens share in this space will be confidential, even from the family, unless they disclose harm to themselves or others. Otherwise, I will provide feedback on progress and themes within the teen's stipulations.

Phase 1: Building a Good Foundation

The first session is an intake interview with at least one caregiver and the teen. We clarify the reason for seeking therapy and review their history.

​For the next three sessions, only the teen will be present. It gives you them the opportunity to determine if they feel comfortable and gives me an idea of how to best work. I revise their history to their comfort and hear their perspective. Thereafter, I review their thoughts and feelings about going forward.

Phase 2: Working Together

This will depend on their goals for therapy. However, I will always do my best to provide a warm, connected and supportive relationship where they feel safe to share and make lasting changes. The therapeutic process can last a few weeks to years and depending on their goals and desire to continue.

​In most cases, we will schedule monthly joint sessions with the caregiver(s) or family and the teen. This is because these relationships are crucial to ensure ongoing progress.


​​​Phase 3: Ending Well

​If we have started the second phase of therapy together, we must leave time to reflect on the process. While three sessions are ideal for this, we should spend a minimum of a full session on this. This helps reinforce progress made and can provide an opportunity to work through loss.

​Sessions are scheduled weekly unless otherwise negotiated. Each lasts for just over 50 minutes in order to allow for record keeping.

Get Unstuck.
Live a Better Life.

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In-Person and Online
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