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A Supportive Hug

Family Therapy

Develop understanding and improve  communication.

My goal here is to help families members build closer trusting relationships and transform repeated conflicts into opportunities for renewed mutual understanding.

While it is best if all members are present, sessions can proceed with some members absent.

Phase 1: Building a Good Foundation

The first phase of therapy spans three to four sessions. It gives you the opportunity to determine if you feel comfortable and gives me an idea of how to best work. We clarify goals, expectations and feelings about coming to a therapy space from every member of the family. Thereafter, we spend some time reviewing the history of the family. This helps us understand how your family works and where difficulties lie. Thereafter, we review the family’s desire to continue therapy and discuss how to go forward.

Phase 2: Working Together

Next, we explore how to help you work better together and review how these efforts progress. Family therapy sessions are scheduled weekly unless otherwise negotiated and last 80 minutes. The therapeutic process can last anywhere between a few weeks to years and depending your goals and desire to continue.

Phase 3: Ending Well

​If we have started the second phase of therapy together, we must leave time to reflect on the process. While three sessions are ideal for this, we should spend a minimum of a full session on this. This helps reinforce progress made and can provide an opportunity to work through loss.

​Session duration

Couples therapy sessions are scheduled weekly unless otherwise negotiated and last just over 80 minutes.

Get Unstuck.
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279 Bryanston Drive, Bryanston, Johannesburg

In-Person and Online
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