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Male Psychologist based in Bryanston, Sandton

Available In-Person and Online

Welcome, my name is Chris. I am a mental health professional passionate about working with people to create meaningful lasting change. I help pre-teens, teens, adults and couples with various difficulties.

I provide a safe, connected and empathetic space where you can learn more about yourself, nurture healthy relationships, resolve past problems and deal more successfully with current life challenges so you can ultimately live a more authentic fulfilling life.

Whether you are on your journey of personal development, navigating crisis or struggling to make sense of life after loss or trauma, I would like to work with you toward living a life with greater meaning and fulfilment.


How I Can Help

“When we feel safe enough to expose our shadows, that’s when we become free” - Gabby Bernstein

I want to provide a healing experience and equip you with skills to develop a sense of mastery and wellbeing in both your mind and the world. Therapy could help you:

  • Learn more about yourself to help you navigate your life, relationships and identity.

  • Process difficult experiences and emotions.

  • Escape destructive patterns and reduce unwanted thoughts through healthy coping mechanisms.

  • Make sense of your life following grief and trauma.

  • Have greater harmony between your emotions.

  • Overcome conflict and increase connection in your relationships.

Let's work toward a better life together.

Who I Work With

Available In-Person and Online

Therapy Session


Young Man in Therapy


Couples therapy male psych.jpg


A Supportive Hug


A safe space to share, understand and cope better.

Be heard and learn skills to deal with emotions and conflict.

Rediscover connection, heal and manage conflict effectively.

Develop understanding and improve  communication.


What to expect in your first session

This is your time to talk about:

  • What you would like therapy to do for you.
  • Your current difficulties i.e. distress, patterns and triggers.
  • What is missing in your life.
  • What has and has not worked in the past.

I will likely ask about:

  • Past traumas and significant events.
  • Your childhood and early relationships.

  • Your medical, psychiatric and psychological history.

  • Your significant friendships and romantic relationships.

My Approach

My Approach to Therapy

I work from an integrative therapeutic stance that combines different modalities of psychological theory. This allows for an encompassing and personalised approach to therapy that can be tailored to suit your needs. These modalities include psychodynamic (interpersonal and contextual), dialectical behavioural therapy (educational and skills training) and eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing approaches (trauma processing).

I take a holistic view that integrates the mind, body and context in order to understand and address how different aspect of your life may be impacting their wellbeing.

The therapeutic process can last a few weeks to years and depending on your goals and desire to continue.

Fees and Payment

Fees & Payment

All major medical aids are accepted. The practice is a cash practice, meaning that the client pays me directly, thereafter they can submit their invoice to their medical aid for reimbursement.

For our first meeting, payment is made in advance of the session. For follow up sessions, I provide a discount for payments made in advance of the session or on the day. Clients are advised to check their benefits with their medical scheme and be aware that the full amount may not always be covered.

Fees for assessments are determined by type and length of assessment and will be discussed following our initial consultation.

Sessions are payable via electronic transfer (EFT).

Please note that sessions not cancelled within 48 hours will be billed at the full rate.

Get Unstuck.
Live a Better Life.

279 Bryanston Drive, Bryanston, Johannesburg

In-Person and Online
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